About Sirona Recovery
Empowering our community to attain desired physical, mental health, and wellness goals.
Who We Are

Our staff meets everyone seeking our services with no preconceived notions or judgment, only a desire to meet our consumers where they are and to work toward the individual goals chosen by each. Sirona Recovery staff utilize evidence-based and evidence-informed practices and programming wherever possible in all service delivery. At root, Sirona Recovery is our staff – individuals selected for their dedication, passion, and genuine desire to positively impact the consumers and communities with whom we work. For us, success is measured by reflecting upon the well-being of the consumers that trust us to join them on their journey of recovery.

We are a part of The Difference Principle Network. The Difference Principle provides evidence-backed management and administrative services to nonprofit organizations. We are the parent organization under which a growing number of nonprofits (Sirona Recovery, JusticePoint, Justice Initiatives Institute) thrive. Our job is the administrative work, leaving the staff of our network organizations free to fulfill their agency’s mission, vision, and goals. We foster multi-faceted solutions to complex social problems through collaboration, shared resource deployment, and multi-disciplinary problem-solving strategies. Within The Difference Principle, silos do not exist.

Sirona Flame
Successful collaboration and community outcomes begin with great leadership.
Executive Team
Nick Sayner, MPA
Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Edward Gordon, JD
Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer
Julie Murdock, MSW, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer
Sarah Wang
Sarah Wang, MS, LPC
Steve Jensen
Stacey Anick
Vice President, Business Relations
Joe Steinhaus
Vice President, Business Development
Program Directors
Melissa Drews, MSW, CAPSW
Program Director, Youth Services, Ozaukee TAD, COPE Line, Healing Point Sober House
Jenna Pieper, BA, CSAC
Program Director, Opioid Treatment Center
Dimitria Sims-Brenwall, MSW
Administrative Director, Comprehensive Community Services
Kim Stangel, MSW, LCSW
Program Director, RSC/AP
Chelsea Annis, BA
Program Director, Marathon Intensive Support Services
Shannon James, LCSW
Program Director, Washington Youth Comprehensive Community Services
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Pursue Your Passion
Thoughtful, talented, and compassionate leaders are essential to helping guide individuals in their recovery.